Cast On, Kill Off*

Cab is coming to take me to the airport at 4.15am. It’s now 2.52am and am awake already.

Am knitting, drinking coffee and listening to The Kinks.

Must not forget:

  1. Passport
  2. Boarding pass
  3. Phone
  4. Phone charger

Think everything else is packed. Suitcase is 15kg according to Dad’s weighing device so that’s OK.

Just need to get dressed and give my fluffy monster some cuddles.

Hope cab isn’t too late and that airport isn’t busy. Last time it took ages to get through security. I should be in good time, all being well.

The next time you hear from me, will be in Abroad. Can’t wait to see New Chap and cuddle him.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2012. By Maggie Sefton. A Knitting Mystery, Book 10 starring Kelly Flynn.

Purl Up And Die*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Make it to Spin even though am still exhausted from Ride yesterday. Here is graph:
  2. Read some more of Somerset Maugham book. Was hoping to finish it before Abroad but have this much left:
  3. Unpack and repack case. Dad has just weighed it and it’s fifteen kilograms which includes presents for New Chap and his flatmate, so that’s OK.
  4. Have lunch.
  5. Watch The Wonderful World Of Puppies with Mum.
  6. Mum shows me how to cast on, so cast on thirty stitches. Am making scarves for two tiny people. Also now have new knitting to take to Abroad.
  7. Order more yarn for this endeavour.
  8. It has been snowing: see above. Now it’s raining and melting the snow sadly.
  9. Dad orders cab for 4.15am tomorrow argh.
  10. Have small sleep as need to go to bed about seven o’clock this evening as will be up at 3.30am 😫.
  11. Cuddle the fluffy monster.
  12. Now am eating my afternoon snack.
  13. Will watch Ski Sunday at 5.15pm.
  14. And then highlights from the Australian Open.
  15. Tired but is proper bedtime soon.
  16. Need to have bath.
  17. The attached photo is with The Boss at Spin today.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2015. By Maggie Sefton. Book thirteen in A Knitting Mystery series. Kelly Flynn and the Lambspun knitters must clear a friend’s son of Murder….

Mr Skeffington*

Spin this morning is tough. Here is graph:

Here I am with my instructor:

Then quick lunch, then back to Spin for London to Brighton Ride. Here is graph:

Here is the fluffy monster:

He is sleeping on brother’s bed.

Here he is four years ago today:

Last night we watch the brilliant Mr Skeffington. Do see it if you haven’t. It’s wonderful.

Have unpacked and repacked case again. No doubt will fiddle about with it more tomorrow.

Must have bath as whole self aches from four hours of Spin today.

The attached photo is with The Boss this afternoon.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1944. Feature film with Bette Davis, Claude Rains, Walter Abel and George Coulouris. Directed by Vincent Sherman. Written by Julius J Epstein and Philip G Epstein, from a story by Elizabeth Von Arnim.

Best Intentions*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Work hard at Spin. Let’s see if graph has come up…
  2. And here is yesterday’s graph which has now come up:
  3. Walk Gandalf in the sunshine. Here we are:
  4. I kiss him on the top of his head and tell him what a good boy he is.
  5. Walk home.
  6. Rest but can’t sleep.
  7. Unpack and repack suitcase. It is still very full 😫.
  8. Now have to achieve new Minx toes and lash tint.
  9. Maybe Mum will take me to the beautician as it’s dark.
  10. Must go and look for the fluffy monster.
  11. Dad has purchased all the tickets for Jewish Book Week so we have that to look forward to in early March – yay!
  12. Still need to go through hand luggage and sort out bottles and so on.
  13. Dad has printed out boarding pass.
  14. And booked taxi for 4.15am argh.
  15. Am drinking lemon squash and listening to Robbie Williams The Heavy Entertainment Show.
  16. Have fallen in love with this sofa:
  17. Maybe parentals will take me to meet him when I return from Abroad.

Attached photo is Spin outfit with The Boss.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2016. Song by Robbie Williams. From the album The Heavy Entertainment Show.

Murder, She Barked*

Work hard at Spin this morning. Here is graph…no it isn’t. It hasn’t downloaded or whatever it has to do. That is a shame. Was in the yellow zone (over eighty percent) for much of the time.

Dad drops me in the village and buy some last minute essentials for trip:

See my standard poodle chum Merlin and a pied wagtail on the walk home from the village:

The wagtail is bobbing up and down, looking for insects between the paving stones.

Merlin is happy to see me and gives me a cuddle. He’s a beautiful silver person: eight years old now but have known him since he was a puppy.

We decide to put a wash on. Check in the laundry basket and…look:

There is a lot of orange washing or…can it be…yes, it is a fluffy monster.

Have lunch and sleep. Someone is sleeping on his black chair in the playroom:

Think the big cats programme is on tonight so will watch that with Dad and knit. Mum’s going to a concert.

Had better post this and find out what time the puppies are on and record them.

Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2013. By Krista Davis. A Paws and Claws Mystery Novel, Book 1. Set in the Sugar Maple Inn in Wagtail, Virginia. Stars Holly Miller, a Jack Russell and a Calico kitten called Twinkletoes. “Holly and her furry companions will have to nose out the murderer before someone else gets muzzled”.


Wake up at 6.30am after Bad Dreams again and read book for an hour. Is all very exciting: it’s Maugham has been spying in Geneva and Russia, written Ashenden and The Painted Veil and most surprisingly is married with a small child.

Nancy Mitford has arrived – yay!

So has this for New Chap. Will read it on the plane so we can discuss it:

Make it to the gym this morning and do some weights on own. Trainer has flu and is ill in bed and has been for days. It’s good to lift some weights. Here is today’s outfit:

Rush back to the flat and finish packing. Decide at the last minute to take the over-the-knee boots and a couple of dresses so will need to repack a bit as boots stuffed in top of case rather than where they should be on the bottom. Also will need to take some clothes out. Case is too full. As usual.

Mum picks me up at noon and we come back here where the fluffy monster is whimpering for more food. He is not pleased not to be fed on demand but at least he plays in the garden till three o’clock. He’s behind the sofa now sleeping.

Am going to post this now and try and fit in some television and knitting before supper.

Attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1928. By W. Somerset Maugham. Collection of loosely linked stories partly based on the author’s experience as a British intelligence agent in Geneva and Russia during the First World War. A wonderful book. Filmed as Secret Agent directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1936. Stars John Gielgud, Madeleine Carroll, Robert Young and Peter Lorre.

You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Finally get to sleep about 2.30am. Poor me.
  2. Walk Dolly:
  3. It’s a beautiful sunny day so people are cheerful and hand a card to someone with a sixteen month old Vizsla.
  4. Two girls take photos of Dolly.
  5. Start packing for holiday.
  6. Think about listening to German CD although have not done it yet but there’s still time.
  7. Have a lovely time with my chums last night. Here we are:
  8. Although there is some worrying chat about turning forty which is this year for Dave and next year for Suzy and me. Really would like to have published a book or even two before forty, and there will be fortieth birthday parties which will be fun in some ways but not unless can say “my Memoir is coming out this year” or something along those lines.
  9. Also would really like a house and a Newfoundland by then. Will probably need seven figure advance for book to achieve this.
  10. Need to finish packing tomorrow: must go and make some supper.
  11. Trainer is ill with flu so will do Pilates or weights in gym tomorrow instead of training.
  12. Buy some last minute things for holiday at Boots earlier – facial wipes and so on.
  13. Need to pack warm clothes.
  14. Dolly’s owner lends me You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again: will take that to Abroad. She says “you can keep it if you want” which is excellent as now don’t have to worry about losing it on the plane/ leaving it in Abroad etc.
  15. There is a massive long dog programme later so will record that.
  16. Find some lemon squash in a shop near Dolly.
  17. Cancel my lunch plans for tomorrow so can rest/ pack etc.
  18. Chat to a friend who haven’t seen for ages, which is nice.
  19. Meditate but can’t sleep this afternoon. Ah well: will attempt to sleep tonight.
  20. The fluffy monster has his weigh in at the vet but he has put on weight. Mum has to reduce his rations again. Poor baby.
  21. Am with Dolly in the attached photo.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1991. By Julia Phillips. Autobiography. Details her career as a film producer and the debauchery and power games of Hollywood in the 1970s and 1980s.

Towards Zero*

Going out for dinner with my chums later so just scribbling this quickly.

Bad dreams again last night and wake up early and read for an hour. Really recommend the Somerset Maugham biography by Selina Hastings if you’re interested in him or in reading biographies – it’s excellent.

Am happy to be having a break from Proper Writing as can read some big biographies that have been saving: don’t read much when am writing as don’t want to lose my Voice, although if I could write like Selina Hastings that would be no bad thing. I lack the motivation to deal with a large, meaty book when writing own stuff, but am really enjoying reading at the moment.

Work hard at Pilates – see attached outfit photo. Because of my hypermobility am excellent at Pilates. Sometimes feel that am cheating but am not – just have a talent for it, which is nice. Have to be careful not to injure self by stretching too much though.

It’s 5.43pm and it’s dark. Do my Body Scan Meditation earlier but can’t sleep.

Watch Towards Zero last night and even though remember who the murderer is, it’s still good. It is one of my favourite Agatha Christie adaptations, even though Miss Marple is inserted into it whereas she doesn’t appear in the book.

In some good news, I see that Ed Westwick has been deleted from the new BBC adaptation of Ordeal By Innocence and his scenes are being reshot so we will be able to see it eventually. He has been accused of sexual assault by some people. Have been annoyed that we didn’t get to see it at Christmas as promised but am glad that it is coming soon.

Right, had better start getting ready to go out.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1944. By Agatha Christie. Book 5 in the Superintendent Battle detective novel series, but Miss Marple added for the 2008 television dramatisation.

Mr Holmes*

Read my book for an hour before the gym this morning. This one:

Have ordered Selena Hastings’ Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford biographies too. They are both paperback I think so can take them to Abroad if they arrive in time…

Darkest Hour is wonderful. Do see it. Gary Oldman in – I reckon – award-winning form as Winston Churchill, Ronald Pickup strong as Neville Chamberlain, Kristin Scott Thomas is good as Clemmie and Ben Mendelsohn from Bloodline is pretty good as the king. Three star review in The Sunday Times today but we enjoyed it much more than that. Also Whistlejacket is in it…

Work hard at Pilates today, see attached photo.

These popped up of Mum and the fluffy monster from a year ago today:

See how he loves his grandma.

Now am going to watch Mr Holmes which starts at 6.20pm. Have been meditating and sleeping. Am going to knit in front of my television.

Also feed birds, change their water and put some fat balls out for them and a coconut filled with fat and mealworms. I know they like that.

The attached photo is today at Pilates. Note the fake woodland scene.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2015. Feature film. Stars Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada and Hattie Morahan. Directed by Bill Condon. Written by Jeffrey Hatcher, adapted from the novel by Mitch Cullin. Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (obviously).

Darkest Hour*

Work quite hard at Spin but still have a cold and can’t get heart rate up into the yellow zone. Here is graph:

Go to the garden centre with Mum and purchase:

  1. New Christmas cactus.
  2. New bromeliad.
  3. Coconut filled with fat for birds.
  4. Fat balls.
  5. Winter birdseed mix.

Have a bath, then have a rest but can’t sleep. The fluffy monster is under my bed.

We are watching episode three of Lucy Worsley’s Fit To Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History. It is jolly good.

We are off to see Darkest Hour (which we tried to see last week by mistake) after this and then going out to dinner for Mum’s Birthday.

Am in the attached photo with The Boss at Spin this morning.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2017. Feature film starring Gary Oldman, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Mendelsohn. Directed by Joe Wright. Written by Anthony McCarten. During the early days of World War II, The Fate Of Western Europe hangs on the newly appointed Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) Who must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler or to fight on against incredible odds.