Dyeing Up Loose Ends*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Wake up about five minutes to eight.
  2. Make breakfast and cuddle my fluffy.
  3. Receive message delaying my Shiba Inu walk till tomorrow.
  4. Book self on to Barre today and Spin tomorrow.
  5. Go to Spin:
  6. And Barre:
  7. Go to the Garden Centre with Mum, our favourite place:
  8. Come home to find this person on the hall sofa:
  9. Have lunch and a sleep.
  10. Watch an episode of Nazi Murder Mysteries about Hitler’s niece Geli who am sure was murdered.
  11. Whilst knitting new scarf for Dolly’s owner:
  12. Last night we watch an episode of Silent Witness.
  13. The parentals are going out tonight and will watch more Silent Witness with the fluffy monster. He is collapsed on the piano stool with his face up against the radiator, sleeping.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2018. By Maggie Sefton. Book 16 in the Kelly Flynn series of knitting mysteries 🧶.

Nazi Murder Mysteries*

Make it to Spin:

And Pilates:

You can see that my arm is swollen because of the lymphodoema. Need to get a special compression cuff for arm but have to see doctor so that will have to wait till next week.

Work hard at both my classes.

This person sits on the dining room table:

Now he is sleeping behind the grey sofa on which am sitting.

Mum is in the kitchen making supper. Am going to go into bedroom and lie down on bed for a bit. Missed sleep as hospital called.

In exciting news: have won a competition to attend the Absolute Radio Christmas Party. It’s next Wednesday and includes a three course meal at a central London venue. Even better, it’s in the day. Am excited. The radio presenters will be there and the twenty competition winners.

This afternoon watch Nazi Murder Mysteries On Yesterday – a new series which must’ve been created with me in mind. Today’s episode was about how Goering got hold of his fatal cyanide pill… Am going to watch the other episodes on the Amazon Firestick.

In important knitting news: have at long last finished the scarf for brother – yay – and have just begun one for Dolly’s owner.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2018. TV series that is showing on the Yesterday Channel.

A Caribbean Mystery*

Sleep in until Mum wakes me up at eight o’clock which is a sure sign that mood isn’t as high as it was, which is good.

Work hard at Spin:

Then we visit Mum’s Tennis partner, her Labrador and Christmas tree:

She gives me a little knitted Christmas pudding:

Lunch is Mum’s vegetable curry:

Fluffy comes in and I put him out again:

Have a small sleep, watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo and now am watching A Caribbean Mystery: good old Marple.

Need to get on with my knitting 🧶 – am still working on my brother’s scarf and am desperate to finish it. The fluffy monster is in now and sleeping on the spotty sofa. That’s his activity for the day done.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1964. By Agatha Christie. Miss Marple detective novel.

Thinking On My Feet*

Sleep in till 7.20am. Then look after this boy from 9am to 12pm. Kiss and cuddle him a lot.

Then walk into the village and back and take some photos:

I have Big News: have just booked self onto the Train Fitness Pilates Instructor Course. I’m going to learn how to teach Pilates. Am so excited. Have to make a Study Plan on the app. Also have to learn lots of things. There are three Practical Weekends but have to get going with the Online Study first.

Someone is sleeping on the adjacent sofa:

I love that fluffy monster. Oh, he’s moved. One sec…

I’m so excited. I’m going to be a proper person who Does Things. I’m going to be studying again. It’s the best thing ever. Also I can do my training hours with my current lovely Pilates teacher so that’s good.

Start reading Kate Humble’s memoir Thinking On My Feet last night which is all about going for walks. It’s very well-written and of course signed by the author – remember we met her.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2018. By Kate Humble. Memoir.

Dear Lord Rothschild*

Walk Dolly. It’s a lovely sunny day.

Then we go to the Natural History Museum in Tring to see highlights of the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year and the stuffed animals.

Am particularly interested in the dogs. Here’s what a pug looked like in Victorian times:

And a Bulldog:

And a King Charles Spaniel. Note that they all have proper faces: brachycephaly hadn’t’ happened yet by the time these dogs were collected, which is also interesting.

Here is an extinct quagga:

And a thylacine, also extinct:

Have been sleeping all afternoon but now it’s supper time.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1982. By Miriam Rothschild. Book about Walter Rothschild who founded Tring.

The Double Clue*

Sleep from 8pm to 7am. Thirteen hours of sleep – yay. Then watch David Attenborough’s Dynasties about an Indian tiger family. No one dies, thank G-d – the mother tiger raises four cubs to adulthood. The girl cub even meets her father.

Walk to the gym. Here is the gym Christmas tree and today’s outfit:

Do four sets of all my weights. No trainer as she’s on a Caribbean cruise, lucky thing.

Make lunch – a spinach pie with grilled asparagus and raw spinach.

Now am back in bed having a rest and researching Pilates Instructor Courses.

Last night watch Poirot and knit.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1974. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story that appears in Poirot’s Early Cases.

The Mystery Of The Spanish Chest*

Have a lovely time last night at the party. Here is outfit:

I sponsor a black rhino and get a knitted one with my adoption pack:

This morning I dress in this outfit:

We go to the Royal Albert Hall to watch the Champions Tennis.

First it is Philippoussis vs Malisse:

Then it is Henman and Rusedski vs Jamie Murray and Enqvist:

Get to shout “Come on Tim”.

There are even Ball Dogs:

It’s a rare event which doesn’t disappoint in any way. The Albert Hall has a great Access scheme: we can park outside and have brilliant seats. No-one throws our sandwiches away – this happened at the ATP Tour Finals at the O2 centre. There are plenty of loos and a brilliant quality of tennis on display. Am so glad that we decided we could be bothered to go. Will be back Every Year.

Have a rest but don’t sleep. Have been watching Poirot and knitting. On the not-plus side: my lymphoedema has flared up in my left arm.

Going to make some supper now.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1960. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story which appears in The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding.

The Devil’s Feast*

See Dr Stein this morning. He thinks my mood is more elevated than is ideal. He proposes that we leave my drug dosages where they are, speak in the week and meet again in two weeks.

Suzy is at the flat when Dad drops me back. We have some lunch and then she drives me to Primrose Hill to walk this girlie Gina:

As you can see, we make it to the top of Primrose Hill and have cuddles. We see a Figaro:

Some blossom:

And a pretty bike:

Get back and my cleaner is cleaning my house yay.

Have just been resting but can’t sleep. My brother’s best friend is taking me to a party this evening. The dress code is Bollywood so am wearing my long green sequin dress, feather wrap, face jewels and my black Hobbs diamantĂ© studded heels with my leopard coat as it’s for a conservation organisation. Looking forward to it.

He’s picking me up at seven o’clock so am drinking some coffee, have had a snack and need to start dressing. Excited to be Going Out. Haven’t Dressed Up really since the cruise and can’t remember the last time I wore a long dress. Hope to have lots of fun.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2016. By Miranda Carter. Murder mystery novel.

Kill For An Orchid*

Walk Dolly in the pouring rain: Dolly gets soaked. We all do: have to hang up coat in laundry room to dry on return home. It’s great to see Dolly though. Here we are:

Then come home, have lunch and watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo. Have a sleep.

This person is resting inside so I put him outside:

Photograph the azalea:

And Mum’s orchid collection:

I have to visit the doctor at 5.20pm for my Zoladex injection so am just drinking my coffee and watching the garden birds. The squirrels have eaten all the peanuts. They’ve chewed through the wire on the feeder.

We stop at the farm on the way home to stock up on Fudge.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2009. By Michelle Wan. Book 4 in the Death In Dordogne mystery series.

Wasps’ Nest*

Work hard at Spin.

Have my intramuscular bum injections which really hurt. There is another Christmas tree upstairs at the cancer hospital:

When we return home, the fluffy is in his bed:

I have put him outside several times today. He is the epitome of Gluttony and Sloth but I adore him. He’s my favourite person in the world.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My cancer drugs which seem side-effect free, amazingly.
  2. My bipolar drugs.
  3. The bits of health I still have.
  4. My parents and brother.
  5. My fluffy.
  6. My Spin and Pilates studio.
  7. My ability to write every day.
  8. My new Instagram followers.
  9. My lovely flat.
  10. My dog clients.
  11. Television.
  12. Books.
  13. Knitting.

Am going to watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo and knit.

Last night watch Poirot and have an early night.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1971. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story.