Sitting In My Hotel*

We’re off to Nuremberg today so just scribbling this first.  It’s 8.27am and it’s sunny and will be hot so will wear a dress and plenty of sun cream.  The Durer House is closed so we will do Other Activities.

Here we are yesterday at supper:

As you can see we sit outside.  Again.  I love Abroad.

The fan is on.  We’re listening to The Kinks.  The malamute has returned to her Mum so we miss her.  Nothing is left of her except white fluff on the hall carpet.

New Chap makes me scrambled eggs and coffee for breakfast.  Am drinking lemon squash and lying on the bed writing this whilst he hangs up the washing and puts on another wash.

Am so happy here and having a lovely time.  We spend yesterday afternoon in the park.  That morning we take the malamute for a walk.  She is such a fluffy beauty and so gentle.  Her gait is great for a fourteen year old person.  She doesn’t seem to have arthritis or anything like that.  She is very well loved and cared for by her humans.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1972.  Song by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  Appears on the album Everybody’s In Show-Biz.  Released as the B side of the Sweet Lady Genevieve single.

Paws Before Dying*

It’s Hot today so we leave the house just after 9am to walk the beautiful malamute.  We wander through the park listening to The Kinks.  We encounter red squirrels and she chases one.  He runs up a tree so she doesn’t catch him.  Don’t think have ever seen a wild red squirrel before so it’s such a treat for me.

The sky is blue.  Swifts circle and screech above us.

On our return we have breakfast and cuddle her in the house.  Here she is:

She is the most beautiful and amazing person and in fine fettle for a thirteen year old large dog: her movement is fluid and she is still curious about the world and engages with it.  I love her.

Here we are at a restaurant having lunch outside:

I have Spaghetti Pomodoro, a large salad and a Diet Coke.  We down a litre of San Pellegrino between us.

More photos of the most beautiful dog in the world:

Now we’re back at the house with her.  It’s 1.58pm.  We’re going to have a rest as her Mum is picking her up at 3pm.  Then we plan to return to the park.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1991.  By Susan Conant.  Book 4 in the Dog Lover’s Mysteries.  Stars detective Holly Winter and her malamutes Rowdy and Kimi.  Murder mystery novel.

A New Leash On Death*

New Chap leaves the house at 8.40am this morning to pick up his dog.  Then we visit the Botanic Garden which is beautiful.  There is a pond with koi so we have to stop the dog from catching one.  She has to walk in front of us as she’s pack leader.  Also she does a lot of scent marking everywhere.  Here we are:

We return to the house after our walk to listen to Leonard Cohen and chat and play with the queen of malamutes.  She is so amazing.

This afternoon we go out for coffee opposite this bike shop:

New Chap buys some shorts and a pair of sunglasses.

This is our breakfast this morning at a cafe.  It is nice:

It’s 4.44pm.  We’ve returned to the house to cuddle the wonderful dog person.  She is collapsed in the hall where it’s cool.  She is a sled dog so this weather is very hot for her.

We purchase Gone Girl at the DVD shop so we plan to watch that and make some supper.

Am having a wonderful time with my chap.  He is making me an omelette with feta.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1990.  By Susan Conant.  A Dog Lover’s Mystery Book 1.  When a dog owner is murdered a training session, Holly Winter uses the victim’s big malamute to find the killer.

The Lives Of Others*

So, this morning we go to the cafe opposite the house for breakfast.  It’s hot and sunny and we sit outside.  Here we are in our hats:

I have an omelette and New Chap has scrambled eggs with bread and goat cheese.  It’s so lovely to be sitting outside with my boy.

Then we go to the whole food shop to stock up on vegetarian delicacies. We also buy a fan and I purchase a small bottle of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle which is the only perfume I wear.

We have also been sitting outside on the terrace drinking this grapefruit flavoured sugar free fizzy drink:

Last night we attend a local Italian restaurant and I wear my Missoni dress.  Show you:

Eat Spaghetti Pomodoro and it’s So Good that it’s warm enough to sit outside in the evening.

Here are a couple of the bookshelves in the house.  It’s my kind of house: full of books.

We’ve just watched The Lives Of Others which is excellent.  Urge you to watch it.

Now we are lying on the bed.  Am writing this and New Chap is fiddling with his phone.  We are getting on So Well: am having a wonderful time 😍.  Am so happy that we are enjoying each other’s company so much.

Need to have a shower and think about supper.  It’s 6.45pm.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2006.  Feature film written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.  Stars Ulrich Mühe, Martina Gedeck, Sebastian Koch and Ulrich Tukur.


I am in Abroad so this is just a quick one to let you all know that have arrived and am having lovely time.

New Chap has popped out to get food.  We have been sunbathing in the park.  It is lovely here.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster yesterday.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1968.  Single by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.

Unreal Reality*

Am sitting in the garden.  The fluffy monster is resting in the herb bed.  Here he is earlier today:

Here is one of the Night Sky petunias that Mum has planted in the wall:



Oriental poppies:

Bearded irises:

More alliums:

New mugs which arrived today:

Gym outfit:

Do all my weights at the gym and walk back and then Mum picks me up from flat with suitcase.

We have lunch in the garden.  Then I walk down to beautician for lash tint and walk back.  Now Mum is pottering about in the garden.

Have purchased a transparent cosmetic pouch for the aeroplane so need to transfer liquids into it.

So excited!  At 10.15am tomorrow plane lands and I will see New Chap who is meeting me at the airport.

The garden is filled with birdsong and it’s still warm enough to be sitting outside in shorts and a vest top.

Am up at 5am tomorrow so had better post this and have Early Night.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1972.  Song by The Kinks from the album Everybody’s In Show-Biz.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.

That Don’t Make It Junk*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up at 6.45am.  Speak to MadFatRunner.
  2. Leave the flat to walk to Dolly: 75 minutes.
  3. Listen to Leonard Cohen on walk.
  4. Here we are:
  5. We have a lovely walk for an hour but Dolly is panting because it’s hot and she’s so fluffy and black.
  6. That’s my last bit of Work before trip to Abroad!
  7. Walk to the station: 30 minutes.
  8. Catch train to the parentals.
  9. Have lunch and change into dress and fit-flops because it’s so hot.
  10. Walk to beautician: 30 minutes.
  11. Get new Minx toes.
  12. Paint fingernails pink with glitter top coat.
  13. Catch train back and walk to flat: 15 minutes.
  14. Take two pairs of jeans out of suitcase.  Need to remove more stuff from suitcase…
  15. Put a wash on.
  16. Write this whilst listening to The Kinks.
  17. Have missed my Body Scan and sleep.
  18. Will have early night.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2001.  Song by Leonard Cohen.  Appears on the album Ten New Songs.

Act Nice And Gentle*

Watch last night’s Grantchester this morning.  It’s so good.  As is The Durrells.  Urge you to catch both series on the ITV player…

Trainer is pleased with me this lunchtime: do four sets of all my weights and add a new machine which is the lat pull down one.  

Watch Inside Windsor Castle whilst eating my lunch.  It’s an episode following the 1940s and early 1950s. Am really enjoying the series.  Will watch the next episode later.

Then do Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep: think am getting anxious about packing.  After have posted this will heave suitcase out from under bed and place it on the bed in the spare room.  Then can start putting stuff inside it.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and even take off sweater on walk home from gym and put on some shorts at the flat.  Show you:

Am drinking coffee, listening to The Kinks and thinking about Packing.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1967.  Single by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  Appears on the album Something Else By The Kinks.

Light As The Breeze*

Am back at the flat.  Cleaner has been so flat is clean and tidy and must keep it this way.

Push self hard at Spin today.  Am definitely improving at keeping speed up but now have to change position a bit: The Boss says that am arching back the wrong way.  Here is graph:

The fluffy monster seems to be avoiding Next Door’s new cat.  Cuddle my fluffy and don’t see the other cat this morning.

On my return to the flat, watch an episode of Born To Kill? Class Of Evil which is good and then do Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep.  Need to heave suitcase out from under bed and Start Packing soon…

Chat to MadFatRunner for a bit and then order some yarn for next scarf: have almost finished current one.  Hope to complete it before trip to Abroad and then start the next one.  Mum will need to cast on for me as can’t do that yet.

Am listening to The Future and drinking lemon squash in bed.  It’s 5.26pm.  Tummy is sore: apparently from the calcium tablets that have to take with my bisphosphonate implant.  Hope this Bad Tummy passes soon.

It is a sunny day.  Need to change the water for my birds.

The attached photo is at Spin today with The Boss.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1992.  Song by Leonard Cohen from the album The Future.


Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Push self hard at Spin.  Am improving in driving my speed up although still have more work to do if am going to have a chance of passing the Instructor Course.  Here is graph:
  2. Have a lovely walk with Gandalf in the woods.  Here we are:
  3. Love this dog So Much.  He is full of beans this morning and I just have the lead – not his special harness.  He’s such a lovely person.  Am very lucky to be able to walk him.
  4. Get soaked on the way home when there is a torrential downpour.
  5. See psychiatrist Dr Stein who is pleased with me.  Mood has remained up for nearly seven months so the new drugs are working.
  6. Also Not Drinking helps with mood stability.
  7. Am sure that Spin and Weights also help.
  8. And psychologist.
  9. And knitting.
  10. And walking the dogs.
  11. Do Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep.
  12. Next Door’s cat makes it up onto our roof but a crow chases him away.
  13. The fluffy monster doesn’t seem so miserable today.
  14. Parentals are out tonight so will look after my fluffy monster and give him lots of cuddles.
  15. Am listening to The Kinks and drinking coffee.
  16. It’s sunny now and the garden looks beautiful.

Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1973.  Song by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  Released as a single.  Appears on the album Preservation Act 1.