The Dutch Shoe Mystery*

1.  New spin shoes have arrived!

2.  The spin shoes are black – the colour that I wanted.  Thought that there were only white ones available, but the lovely people at Cyclezone Studio managed to track down some black ones after all.

3.  Had lovely lunch: quorn pieces, mangetout, mushrooms, salad, yoghurt and brown rice:

4.  Went back to the flat with Dad and picked up more gym trousers, tops, more pink micropore and other things.  

5.  Going to paint my nails soon – this colour: Jessica Casablanca – a dark navy with glitter in it:   
6.  Just booked Spin classes for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week.  

7.  There are special clips that can buy for my bicycle pedals so can wear the spin shoes out on real road bike.

8.  Brought a swimming costume back from the flat so can swim next week.

9.  Walking with my chum and dog chum on Sunday.

10.  Am not looking quite so fat since have been spinning everyday.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1931.  By Ellery Queen.  Detective novel.

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