Aztec Dawn*

After spin and a dog walk, lunch was the Mexican Feast.  It’s a fiddly meal to prepare and makes a lot of crockery dirty, but the only actual cooking involved is the fajita mix (in the wok).  Used Quorn fajita strips, red pepper, courgette and mushrooms with garlic, chopped tomatoes and a splash of red wine.

Everything else is simply a matter of opening packets and decanting their contents into bowls: yoghurt, grated cheese, refried beans, rice, blue tortilla chips and black beans.  Made the guacamole (well, my friend did) and made a salad, but even those could just come out of packets.  We used Old El Paso Stand-N-Stuff taco shells, but wraps would work fine too.

It was such an excellent lunch that my friend packed up a going home bag for her husband.  He sent this photo of his empty plastic box:


We had gin and bitter lemon with lunch:


Breakfast was weight watchers baked beans and salad:  

The fluffy monster is sleeping up against the radiator:


After lunch, try to sleep but can’t.  Manage to meditate a bit, using the guided Bodyscan CD, but at the moment am stressed and anxious about doing two blogs per day, plus making and photographing a new gin cocktail everyday for Ginuary:,  So after meditating, I lie there, worrying about all the things I have to do.
Maybe tomorrow will aim to write at least one of the two blogs before lunch, just leaving one blog and the cocktail invention for early evening.  Then may well be able to sleep, if just have to write one blog when wake up.

Am still definitely under the weather due to the antibiotics – can’t wait to have a quick supper and then get back to bed for twelve hours: am sleeping from 8pm to 8am every night at the moment.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2009.  By Kerri Louise Thomas.  Detective novel set in modern and sixteenth century Mexico.  

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