Trading With Bodies*

“You’ve lost weight,” a girl in my Spin class says this morning.

“Ummmm,” I say.  “Thank you.  I’m wearing two pairs of trousers and…”

“No, you have,” she says.  “Definitely.”

“Well, that’s down to this class,” I say.  The others are looking at me now.  “I come here every day and…well, I had an operation so…”

“What operation?” A woman says. She’s sitting at the bike next to my one.  

“So, I had a mastectomy in December,” I say, climbing onto my bike, clicking my shoes into the pedals.  “And I’ve been coming everyday since then so…”

“I’ve just started today, you’re going to be my inspiration,” says the woman in front of me.  She’s slim, tanned, blonde.  Looks in good shape.  

“Thank you,” I say, pedalling.  “It’s the only thing I do at the moment.  I’m asleep the rest of the time.”

“You’re so positive,” she says.  She’s wearing a tight long-sleeved fuchsia top.

“I’m not,” I say, pulling my gloves on.  “It’s my mental disorder.  Oh: I’m going to be on the television soon: talking about my mental disorder and…”

“When?” Someone says.

“We don’t know yet,” I say.

“Let us know,” says the lady next to me.

“Oh I will,” I say.  “Don’t worry: I’m here every day…”

Am in the attached photo so you can judge for yourselves.
It’s Holocaust Memorial Day today.  And so I’ve decided to:

1.  Call out any antisemitism and anti-Zionism that I see online.  And there is So Much.

2.  And in Real Life: it’s easy to be quiet.  And hard to make a fuss.

3.  Am not dead – yet.  And am going to Make A Fuss.  Whilst I still can.  Am just not going to worry about what anyone thinks.

4.  Have learned a lot from my best friend – MadFatRunner.  And from my boyfriend Seb.  And they’re not Jewish.  And am constantly surprised and grateful that they have learned about Jewish things from me.  And that they care about antisemitism.

5.  So: think that would like to continue with interfaith dialogue things.  As one needs to have friends of other faiths to keep one’s mind open.  As well as all the other reasons for which one needs friends of other faiths.

Today’s cocktail is the A1:

Gin, Grand Marnier, grenadine, lemon juice.

Here is the salad that we had at supper:


Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1950.  By “Griff” – Ernest MacKeag.  British hard-boiled crime fiction novel.  Seized in a police raid in 1952 and all copies destroyed – due to its cover: 



  1. widerangingramblings · January 31, 2016

    So when will you be on TV? I’d love to watch! xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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