Hazard Pay*

“He gave me the dead mackerel eyes,” Saul says.  Seb has gone and I’m watching Breaking Bad.  Am up to Season Five, Episode Three.  At least I think that’s where left off last time.  It’s almost impossible to remember when am watching this, alone, and Mad Men with Seb.

5.25am this morning.  Am awake and so are the birds, who warble to each other outside.  Creeping into the spare room, I settle into the bed.  

Have left Seb sleeping in my room.  After a year, it’s still a struggle to get a proper night’s sleep when he’s here.  Falling asleep is fine, but once I wake in the early morning, I have to move into the other room.

Really, it will be helpful if can find my alarm, which is due to start bleeping at eight o’clock or so.  One sec.  I go back for it…

Right.  I have it in my paw.  Let’s turn it off.

Have just realised that will need to disturb him anyway: all my gym clothes, Spin shoes and morning meds are in my bedroom.

1.  Headache: have had this since yesterday morning.  Must drink more water.

2.  Nasal problems: left antihistamines at the parentals and so this room is making me sneeze: my dust, dust mites and feather allergies are flaring up.

In the end, cancel my Spin class for the first time ever.  These last moments with my Seb are too precious to spend without him.

Anyway: he’s gone now and feel sad and drained.

Attached cocktail is the penultimate Ginuary one: maraschino, gin, prosecco.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2012.  Breaking Bad Season Five, Episode Three.  Created by Vince Gilligan.  Written by Peter Gould.  Starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris.

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  1. Ellen Graham · February 17, 2016

    “F@ck you and your eyebrows!” One of my favourite lines! x

    Liked by 1 person

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