The Dying Minutes*

The light.  My beauty.  Look how gorgeous he is:  

1.  It’s Saturday, so No Radiotherapy, which is excellent.  Am obeying the strict instructions to rest – slept for ten hours last night and will be going to sleep straight after supper.

2.  Headache is probably withdrawal from the codeine.  Maybe they will let me have some more.

3.  Am at the flat for a bit and have assembled the new light.  You can see him at the top of this post.  Had some help from brother – it was a difficult task.  Have even disposed of all the polystyrene and cardboard packaging.

4.  There’s a trailer for my programme between Countryfile and Call The Midwife tomorrow night.  Woohoo!

5.   Just watching the build up to the rugby.  Will be able to talk about it with Seb if he calls.

“Do you actually understand rugby then?” My brother says, without looking up from The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde.  “Do you know what they’re trying to do?”

“Well they’ve got to get the ball forward over the line.  Or kick it between the posts,” I say.  “Don’t understand the bits where you can’t see the ball but…”

“I see,” he says.

Am beginning to understand it a bit more with brother explaining it anyway.  

That was good wasn’t it.  Well: certainly good enough.  Unless you, dear reader, are a Scot.

6.  George Kruis, our number 5, is particularly wonderful.  And he’s 6 ft 6.  And twenty five years old.  Some things are just nice.

7.  We have some of Mum’s vegetable curry for supper.

8.  Have tidied up a bit.

9.  Tomorrow am going to gym and will get back on that leg press.  Is pretty much only chance before chest starts disintegrating under the radiotherapy.  And those rugby-player-thighs have inspired me.  Had own thigh muscles up till a few weeks ago…

10.  Spin was tough today, but soon will be back there.  After a couple of days at the flat.

11.  Arrive at flat to be greeted by this person – a present.  He’s called Lemmy – after Lemmy from Motörhead obviously.  
Happy Saturday everyone!
*2013.  By Martin O’Brien.  Crime novel.  Number 7 in the Inspector Jacquot series.


  1. Ellen Graham · February 17, 2016

    Codeine withdrawal causes restless legs on a night for me. Horrible. So more often than not I take it just so I don’t get that. Crazy. Mentioned just in case it happens to you at some point x

    Liked by 1 person

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