Dead Famous*

“Hey, I saw you on television last night,” the radiotherapist says as I enter the treatment room.  “Was just waiting for Eastenders to start, and there you were and…”

“What was I doing?” I say, taking off my top, bra and boots.

“You were talking about your mental disorder,” she says.  “And typing outside, wearing a pretty sparkly dress and…”

“Excellent,” I say.  “Was asleep – am asleep at about seven o’clock at the moment.  Can’t stay awake so…”

“Well I’m looking forward to the actual programme,” she says.

“How’s your kitten.  He must be grown up now?” The other radiotherapist says.  Haven’t seen this one since was last here two years ago.  The fluffy monster was a mere six months old at that time.

“He’s an enormous person now,” I say, tying my hair back.  “I’ll show you a photo afterwards if you want?”

“Definitely,” she says, smiling at me.

It’s tough in the machine, again.  Have a cold so am congested and breathing is difficult enough,never mind holding my breath for thirty seconds at a time.  But manage it somehow.

Here’s my breakfast – salad with cottage cheese.  
Can’t wait to go straight to bed after supper.  Again.

The attached photo is my outfit at Spin this morning.  Trousers by Fit Boutique.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2001.  By Ben Elton.  Mystery novel about a reality television show where a competitor is murdered.

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