Jitterbug Perfume*

1.  Achieve all my breath holds on the first time at radiotherapy today and the girls are pleased with me.

2.  Have not yet died from The Cold Of Doom.

3.  Although it can’t be long now.

4.  Looooook at this Gin Toddy!: 

 35ml Gin

Juice of half an orange 

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

60ml boiling water

2 Cardamom pods

That’s it.  It’s wonderful.

5.  Walk home from the village in the sunshine.

6.  Achieve tiny chat with Seb.

7.  Have MADE a Valentine’s card and posted it to him.  It has silver-and-gold butterflies and blue cats and it is beautiful.  Spent almost three hours constructing it under the expert tuition of Mum’s brilliant friend yesterday.  Wish had taken a photo before posted it, but you’ll just have to imagine its wonders.

8.  The trailer for my programme ought to be on BBC1 at 3.43pm so we will attempt to watch it.

9.  It will also be on at 10.28pm just before Newsnight on BBC2 for you crazy night owls.

10.  If can survive for about three hours will be allowed to go out for dinner with parentals and brother.

11.  Plastic surgeon says that the infected bit of scar is now healing.

12.  Here is today’s radiotherapy outfit:

Trousers by Fit Boutique.

Boots by Fit Flop.

Secret support vest by John Lewis.

It’s a shame about the loo in the background, but that’s the only mirror at the treatment room.

13.  Look at these beetroots:

Mum is going to roast them.

14.  Here is today’s salad:


The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.  Trousers by Fit Boutique.  Boots by Fit Flop.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1984.  By Tom Robbins.  Novel which heavily features beetroots.


  1. Tara · February 10, 2016

    3.43pm today? I could have watched it. No way I’ll make it to Newsnight 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. L. Rorschach · February 11, 2016

    The gin toddy looks delicious! We don’t have vanilla sugar here so I’m thinking maybe sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract….?

    Liked by 1 person

    • waternymph88 · February 12, 2016

      Yeah: that would be fine am sure. But my vanilla sugar comes from Lieber’s in New York, looking at its packet. So if you can find a kosher shop you’ll probably find one…xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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