Taken At The Flood*

Watching the Wales vs Scotland rugby match.  After 32 minutes Wales are trailing 7 – 10.  

There are things that need to do before setting off to see Mr Fluffypants this evening:

1.  Paint nails.

2.  Put away good plates, pans and cutlery.  They’re on the draining board.

3.  Tidy bedroom a bit.

Let’s just watch the gorgeous Dan Biggar kick this for Wales.  Ah: nice.  It sails between the posts.  10 – 10.

It’s 5.29pm and it’s almost dark outside.  

Take my eye off the television for a minute and it’s 10 – 13: Scotland leading.


1.  Period pains: seem to be having a period, even though haven’t had one since starting the Zolodex and Letrazole.  Assumed was in an induced menopause.  Hope there’s nothing to worry about.

2.  Headache.

3.  Sore throat.

4.  Cold, sore nose etc.

5.  Pains in chest in the night due to attempting to manage without post-surgery bra.  Have put it back on now.

6.  Exhaustion: slept badly last night.

Can’t wait to cuddle Mr Fluffypants soon.

It’s been terrible weather: non-stop rain.  On the plus side: one of the French rugby players from the match earlier is called Jefferson Poirot.

Attached photo is my outfit at Spin today.  Am stronger-than-my-excuses.  

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1948.  By Agatha Christie.  Hercule Poirot detective novel.

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