The Figaro Murders*

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

“Right,” I say to Seb as he’s throwing his rucksack over his shoulder and preparing to leave. ”Am going to make a note that we’re up to The Flood episode in Season Six of Mad Men so…”

“What – that’s the last one we’ve watched?” Seb says. ”I’m sorry that I’m not clearing up – can I take anything out or…”

“No, we haven’t seen that episode yet,” I say, writing The Flood:Mad Menon today’s calendar box.

Sorry for no post yesterday. It was our One Year Anniversary and we went out for lunch with some of my cousins. It was lovely.

Let’s take a minute to congratulate us on a whole year together. It’s amazing.

Some other nice things:

1. Manage Spin this morning.

2. My goldfinches are back on the nyger seed feeder.

3. Love my Seb so much.

4. Suzie is coming to see me…

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