The Doorbell Rang*

1.  Radiotherapy is over.  Have just returned from final session.

2.  Have special cool gel pads to soothe skin, which is exciting.

3.  Am wearing one now to see if develop an allergy to it.  Let’s hope I don’t.

4.  Severe burns may develop during the next two weeks.  Fingers crossed that they won’t though.

5.  It’s a gorgeous sunny day.  Walk home from the village and have a chat with MadFatRunner for the first time in ages.

6.  The fluffy monster is outside enjoying the sunshine.

7.  Have washed hair.

8.  Some of Mum’s friends are here.  They’re playing bridge, and can hear guffaws of laughter.  Am glad Mum is enjoying herself.

9.  Have bought a little present for Seb: a key ring with two wolves on it.

10.  Am wearing my ballet cardigan.

11. Attached photo is last radiotherapy bathroom photo.

12.  Am going to paint my nails.

13.  Feel a bit sad that radiotherapy is over.  It was horrible in some ways, and yet enjoyed going there everyday and chatting to all of them.

14.  Am very sleepy.

15.  Going to find my cat and cuddle him.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1965.  By Rex Stout.  A Nero Wolfe mystery.  


  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · February 24, 2016

    Congrats on the last Radiotherapy! But will miss the bathroom shots.

    Liked by 1 person

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