Bending down to pull a cookery book off the shelf, something tumbles down to bang me on the head.  Ouch! 

It’s this picture:

Squirrel Nutkin is harassing Old Brown.  A terrible Bad Thing is about to happen to Nutkin – something far, far worse than being hit on the head.  

Anyway: Suzie is on her way.  Have made her an artichoke.  Have also tidied up and even wiped the table.  

Chest is sore.  Am wearing the cool gel pack and yet is all itchy underneath it.  The radiotherapy side effects are still bad.

Am exhausted.  Am just going to post this and then to Bed for twelve hours.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2016.  By Jilly Cooper.  New novel coming!


  1. dmf2001 · February 26, 2016

    What happened to the poor squirrel?

    Liked by 1 person

    • waternymph88 · February 26, 2016

      It’s Nutkin. I can’t spoil it for you – you MUST read his tragic tail. Think he has manic depression anyway…xxx


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