After two days here, am settling in to life at the flat.  Have even made minestrone soup.  The dishwasher is empty: unloaded it earlier.  The flat is clean and tidy.

The rugby plays on the television: England vs Ireland.  We’re 6 – 3 up at the moment.  Struggling to concentrate.  Tired.  Wish brother, or Seb was here to help me understand it.

Oh no.  Suddenly Ireland in front: 6 – 10.  That’s not good.

Owen Farrell scores and it’s 9 – 10.

Chest is red, hot and sore from the radiotherapy but so far skin still hasn’t broken up.  Which is good.

“Ball in Ireland’s twenty two leads to the try,” the commentator says.    14 – 10 England.   Owen Farrell misses the conversion.

Oh look: 19 – 10 to England.  Must try to concentrate.  Had unusually late night last night – didn’t get to bed till ten o’clock – and have been at the Zoo all day today.  Can’t wait to get to bed after this match.

Am booked in to Spin tomorrow and need a lot of sleep before that.

The attached photo is a magnolia near the flat.  

Happy Saturday everyone! 
*1999.  Film.  Directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson.  Starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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