‘…startled by his furry shorts!’*

The fluffy monster snoozes on the piano stool.  Look how soft and orange he is.  And how covered in stripes.  

Mum is in her study, teaching.  Dad is in his office.

Am under my furry blanket, writing this.  Chest is very sore but have placed the gel pad on it.  It is also Itchy.

Sooner or later it will be supper time, which will be Mum’s vegetable curry.  So have something to look forward to.

Am very upset because one of my favourite writers has just died: the brilliant and hilarious Louise Rennison.  Am re-reading one of her books, …then he ate my boy entrancers.  For the first time in ages am able to concentrate on a book.  It’s still hilarious.  She was only 63, which isn’t even old for an author.  Was hoping to read much more from her.  Life is cruel.  She was a huge influence on my own writing, when was writing my young adult novel.

Have now finished that book and am starting the next one ‘…startled by his furry shorts!’  It’s a relief to discover that can still read after all. 

On our bike ride today we saw both of the red kites.  Fingers crossed that there will be Chicks.

The attached photo is Mr Fluffypants resting his head on my trousers.  Am always startled by his furry shorts: they are the furriest shorts in the world.

Had better chop up some cucumber for the raita: almost Curry Time…

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2006.  By Louise Rennison.  Book seven in The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series.  Teenage fiction.

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