Golden Eggs And Other Deadly Things*

Spin today is tough.  Skin is peeling off under arm and across chest, which doesn’t help, but it’s a difficult class anyway.  The sweat makes the damaged skin itch.

Now am back at flat.  Have cooked and consumed The Omelette:

It contains peas, mushrooms, broccoli and feta.

Need to tidy up and to prepare self for Crufts-watching extravaganza this evening.  It’s almost too exciting.  Last night there was a Keeshond in the “Utility Group” final.  He didn’t win.  The shiba inu was placed second though and he was lovely.

Am already looking forward to my future early night later and it’s only 3.30pm.  Ah well, never mind.  It’s the radiotherapy side effects.  

It’s a beautiful sunny day and need to change the birds’ water.

Am going to attempt Tidying Up in the flat, starting with clearing-out-bedroom-drawers.  

Maybe will manage a bit more writing later.  Have to apply aloe vera lotion to crumbling skin.

Attached photo is the fluffy monster watching Grantchester yesterday.  He’s not that enthralled by it, as you can see.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2012.  By Nancy Tesler.  Book Four in the Carrie Carlin mystery series.

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