Killer Physique*

Have a Great Success to report.  At last have achieved walking Mr Fluffypants alone.  Have been anxious about taking him out in case:

1.  He pulled on the lead, hurting my bad arm.

2.  Some undefined Terrible Thing happened and he came to harm.

3.  He slipped his harness.

4.  Another dog attacked him.  He’s very soppy and some dogs are aggressive towards dogs on a lead.

Anyway: walked him on own and nothing bad happened.  So am pleased.  He is a good boy and doesn’t pull on the lead.

Was a beautiful day for a walk.  We saw this magnolia:

Everywhere, there is blossom and daffodils, crocuses and camellias.  At long last, it feels like spring.

Parentals are about to go out, leaving me in charge of the fluffy monster.  He is passed out on the piano stool.  Suzie is coming to help me watch the final of Crufts.

“If we’re going to be watching a dog show all evening, I’m going to bring some work to do,” Suzie says when we speak earlier in the day.

“That’s fine,” I say.  “Maybe will write a blog about Crufts.  It’s the Best In Show tonight – am excited.”

Parentals have set off.

The attached photo is Mr Fluffypants trying to work out his new toy.  It contains treats.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2014.  By G.A. McKevett.  Number 19 in the Savannah Reid mystery series, set in the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency.


  1. Tara · March 13, 2016

    Beautiful photo. Well done for walking him, I think I would have many of the same worries.

    Liked by 1 person

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