Bells On Her Toes*

The fluffy monster dozes on his pink chair.  It’s been a long day for both of us.  Am collapsed on the sofa under my furry blanket as today have achieved:

1.  Spin.

2.  Zolodex injection.

3.  Walk home from doctor.

4.  Lunch.

5.  Bike ride with Dad.

6.  Bath.

7.  Walk to beautician.

8.  New Minx toes in Gold Lightning Cheetah:

9.  Walk home from beautician.

So that’s about ninety minutes of walking and ninety minutes of cycling today, which is Too Much.  It’s been such a lovely day though: bright, sunny and cold.

Felt dizzy and sick at beautician, despite how much water am drinking.  A lot.

Am just going to lie here on the sofa until supper, which will contain an artichoke – yay!  Am certain of this as have just purchased them from the greengrocer.

Skin continues to peel off under arm and across chest and the itching is still horrible.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster up a tree this morning.  He scrambled down after making a fuss.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2014.  By Diana J. Febry.  Murder mystery set in a racing yard.  


  1. widerangingramblings · March 20, 2016

    Love your super glam toes darling!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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