Chasing Can Be Murder*

Today’s cocktail is the “Greyhound”:

1 part gin

4 parts grapefruit juice

It’s called a Greyhound as it was served at the eponymous bus company’s popular restaurant chain “Post House” found at the terminals.

The drink is distracting me a bit from almost overwhelming feelings of exhaustion, itching and grumpiness.   Saw the radiotherapists earlier today with Mum.  They say that chest is healing up well but it’s still uncomfortable.  Also chest muscles hurt – maybe from yesterday’s long bike ride.

Want to start my new mood stabiliser before the inevitable depression hits in April but haven’t heard from psychiatrist about this yet.  Left him a message earlier today.  Hope that will be able to start the drug soon.

A ray of light in the post-radiotherapy gloom is this new green rabbit person from MadeByMaggie.  He’s called Dandelion after the poet in Watership Down.  Here he is with Mum’s purple rabbit:

And another one:

The rabbits are made of recycled cashmere sweaters and stuffed with lavender.  

The fluffy monster dozes on his pink chair.  Here he is:

Tried to take a photo of us together  before but he wouldn’t cooperate, wriggled away from me and just sat by his food bowl, staring.  Mum has been out all day so he’s been left in my care.  Have given him about five meals.

Ah, was great to be back at the best Spin studio in the world this morning though.  Pushed self hard and felt good afterwards.  For a bit.  You can see my outfit in the attached photo.

Mum is home now and had better help her get supper ready.  

Happy Monday everyone!
*2010.  By June Whyte.  A Kat McKinley mystery, Book 1.  Kat is a greyhound trainer…

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