Hot Dames On Cold Slabs*

It’s been sunny all day.  So much so that was sitting out in the garden with the fluffy monster this morning.   Was wrapped in dressing gown as am not allowed to expose chest to the sun.  Even in the current low temperatures,  the ultraviolet rays are out to hack through my weakened irradiated skin.

Chatted to Maggie from MadeByMaggie for the first time in months.  And to Hannah.  Was a rare treat to have some mobile phone signal and a pomegranate to eat.

And now another rare treat is about to happen.  The parentals are going out for the evening and a friend is coming round to watch a film.  We’ve been planning this Johnny Depp Movie Night for two years or so, and it’s finally about to happen.  The film is Don Juan De Marco which my chum has never seen and which I’ve seen just once in 1995 I think in Cyprus – a year after its release.  Had even forgotten that Marlon Brando stars in it!

The parentals are going out for a talk about Medical Detection Dogs, which ought to be fascinating.

Dad is sleeping in front of the BBC Radio 4 news, which he insists on playing on the television, even though there are several radios around the house.  Must allow the sweet elderly creature his little eccentricities.  

Here is my breakfast: avocado and houmous on toast with spinach – and, of course, dinosaurs –

And here is the salad that threw together at lunchtime: rocket, artichoke hearts, sweetcorn, spring onions and gem lettuce –

Spin was tough this morning but also managed a walk this afternoon into the village.

Right: had better get ready for my visitor.  The attached photo is my outfit at Spin this morning.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1950.  By George H. Dawson writing as Michael Storme.  Detective novel in which “three women from the Mid-West set off for the big city (Chicago) in search of husbands.  They find that the price is steep.”


  1. widerangingramblings · March 23, 2016

    I hope you had fun with your friend!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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