Swamp Donkey*

Seb has gone out to see his brother, so am trying out a new recipe from my Deliciously Ella Everyday book.  It’s “Warming Pesto Butter Beans”.  Look:

It’s meant to contain pomegranate seeds too but don’t have them.  Still, it tastes great and now that have made it once will be able to make it for my boy next time.

Have also achieved:

1.  Spin – photo attached.

2.  Bath.

3.  Hanging up the washing.

4.  Chats with a couple of chums.

5.  Tidying the kitchen.

Skin is coming off in painful way but mustn’t grumble.  It will be over soon.  See plastic surgeon on Thursday and will be good to see him.

On the plus side: going to see Hitchcock/ Truffaut with Seb tomorrow night.  And tomorrow day am looking after Mr Fluffypants and cuddling him and hope to take him for a walk.

The birds continue to ignore their special fat-covered pinecone.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2013.  By Thad Staffall.  “A hilarious, raucous and disturbing ride through the Vegas party scene.”  Starring someone called Beans.  Detective novel.

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