Hounding The Pavement*

Am dogsitting Mr Fluffypants.  We’ve achieved a walk, he’s managed a poo and now we’re relaxing in front of Peaky Blinders: 

 Seb has just called to say that he’s on his way and then we’ll go for another walk in the beautiful sunshine.  It’s a gorgeous day.

My phone rings.  “Can I bring you anything?” Seb says because it’s him.

“Ahhhh thank you darling,” I say.

“A sandwich or a coffee – have you had lunch?” Seb says.

“I’ve had lunch,” I say.  “If you want anything you’ll need to bring it though – I’ve eaten all the food that I brought with and…”

“What sort of coffee would you like my lovely?” Seb says.

“Cappuccino with skimmed milk please,” I say.

Mr Fluffypants looks up at me.

“See you soon then,” Seb says.

Right, had better post this.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2009.  By Judi McCoy.  A dog walker mystery, book 1.  Cozy paranormal mystery novel set in Manhattan.

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  1. Riv · March 30, 2016

    That Seb sounds nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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