Watch Me Disappear*

1.  Make it to Spin – see photo above.  Sob all the way through but still feel good that am there and everyone is kind to me.  Love my spin studio.

2.  Walk with two lovely human and canine chums.

3.  Walk to see the cows.  They’re not there yet.

4.  Phone calls with some chums that haven’t spoken to for a while.  Am letting people know what has happened withSeb, one by one.

5.  Speak to boss to let her know that am not coming back till May as plastic surgeon says that need another month to recover from radiotherapy.  Is nice to talk to her.  Miss my job.

6.  Send some emails.

7.  Buy new necklace so have something that doesn’t remind me of Seb.

8.  Soon will have bath.

9.  Then will be supper and bed.

10.  It will get better.  It just will.

11.  Maybe he will realise that he’s made a terrible mistake and that he can’t live without me.

12.  On the plus side: we don’t have to chop the fluffy monster in half.

13.  Although could get two normal-sized cats out of him.

Happy Friday everyone?


*2006.  By Jill Dawson.  Mystery novel.

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