The Case Of The Howling Dog*

“Cuddle,” I say to the Gigantic Hound.  Sitting on the floor, wrapping my arms round his neck, I rest my face on his fur, drinking in his smell.

He climbs on top of me.  Ouch.

“Argh,” I say, crawling out from underneath him.  He’s bigger and stronger than me.  It’s a bad idea to get on the floor with him, but his cuddles are so good.

Now he’s stretched out on the floor and I’m on the sofa above him, marvelling at his beauty.  Look:

He’s huge, and yet he’s still a puppy.   He gets excited and jumps, lamb like, sometimes – waving his enormous tail.

Last night we started watching Vinyl:  the Mick Jagger/ Martin Scorsese Sky TV series set in the seventies about the record industry.  Ignore the bad reviews: it’s brilliant!  We’re enjoying it so much.

Have visited this person again:

“He’s a snow leopard,” MadFatRunner says.  “Look at his snowshoes.”

And indeed he has massive paws.  Like my fluffy monster, he is soft and silky and excellent at cuddles.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1934.  By Erle Stanley Gardner.  Perry Mason detective novel.

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