Written In Dead Wax*

“I’m just going to run some errands,” MadFatRunner says, pulling her coat on.  “I’ll be back later and…”

“I’ll look after the pooch,” I say.  “Give him supper and cuddles.  See you soon.”

“Your programme has finished downloading,” she says.

“Excellent,” I say.  

So, am watching Wednesday’s episode of Grantchester at last.  It’s very exciting.


1.  Arms: muscle pains from walking Gigantic Hound.

2.  Legs: pains in pelvis and hips from walking in wellies in the mud.

3.  Shin splints: from walking.

4.  Chest: muscle pains from controlling Gigantic Hound.  And itching from radiotherapy burns.

5.  Broken heart.

On the plus side: the bracing country air is taking my mind off Seb a bit.  Also: we have achieved a wash and it’s hanging up in the kitchen.

We’re loving Vinyl and have managed the first seven episodes.  The seventies clothes are wonderful: flares, velvet and striped knitted dresses.  And so is the soundtrack.  Bobby Cannavale who plays the lead is wonderful: reminds me of a young Jim Carrey with his expressive face and comic timing.  The script is sharp and funny.

Had better make some supper and feed the pooch.  You can see him in the attached photo.
Happy Thursday everyone!
*2016.  By Andrew Cartmel.  Book 1 in the Vinyl Detective series, starring a record collector turned detective.


  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · April 7, 2016

    Okay, you got me interested in Vinyl. I had been thinking of skipping it, but I can’t ignore your raves. You have to subscribe to HBO to watch it here, so I’ll wait to get the DVDs. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Liked by 1 person

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