Nightmare Farm*

The kettle is boiling.  There’s a Hovawart at my (wet) feet.  Here are some things have discovered about life in the country.

1.  Sometimes there will be a woolly surprise:

This little person was born in the night.  His mother is a shearling – she’s underage.  Was allowed to cuddle him.  He has a loud voice for such a tiny person, and his skin is wrinkled where he has a lot of growing to do.

2.  Dogs love to eat hoof shavings.  

“It’s just like me with the Parmesan rind,” MadFatRunner says as we watch the spaniels pounce on the bits of hoof lying on the floor.  

Have been helpful with the farrier today so am pleased with self.

3.  If you approach a turkey, he will become enraged, stamp his feet, and make a loud booming noise until you step back.  Here he is:

4.  There are sparrows everywhere in the countryside: building their nests, flying up in clouds out of hedges.  So if there are hedges, there will be sparrows.  Save our hedgerows!

5.  It rains in the countryside.  It’s been raining for months.  So, don’t arrive with Mum’s too-small wellies…

6.  Horses are strong.  So, if your friend says “do you want to hold him? He’s very strong,” don’t say yes.  Unless you don’t mind ending up in the pond.

7.  If you drop your gloves in a puddle, don’t put them on.  Your hands will freeze, become numb and won’t recover for Hours.

8.  In remote areas, you may well see a Snow Leopard.  Here he is, stalking through the undergrowth:

The attached photo is the same Snow Leopard.  
Happy Saturday everyone!
*1975.  By Jack Mann.  Detective novel.


  1. Tara · April 9, 2016

    Amazing snow leopard. I hope you didn’t really end up in the pond but otherwise it sounds like you’re having a lovely time.

    Liked by 1 person

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