Red April*

1.  Have arrived back at the flat.

2.  It’s clean and tidy, which is good.

3.  Suzie has just called to say that she’s on her way.

4.  Looking after Mr Fluffypants tomorrow.  Can cuddle him, walk him and watch Peaky Blinders with him.

5.  It’s been raining so garden is green.  A couple of the tulips are out and some daffodils.

6.  Am sad to be separated from MadFatRunner and the Gigantic Hound, but at least spent a whole week with them.

7.  Not sure what is for supper.  Maybe Suzie will help me make something.

8.  It was horrible arriving at flat as the last time was here was with Seb when we split up.  Am not going to be on own though so that’s OK.   

9.  Maybe will go and see my lions in their new home at the Zoo on Wednesday.  Would help if the weather improves though.

10.  Experienced some good weather over the last week anyway.

11.  Am enjoying an old episode of Top Gear whilst am waiting for my chum.

12.  Goldfinch!  On my nyger seed feeder!  Now!  Excellent.

Suzie has just arrived so am going to play with her.

The attached photo is my fluffy monster up a tree, two years ago today.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2006.  By Santiago Roncagliolo.  Detective novel.

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