Curiosity Thrilled The Cat*

Waking up with a start, opening my eyes, I see the panther gazing at me.

“You’re early,” I say.  “I’m not expecting you for another month or so and…”

“I told you,” he says, resting a paw on my chest.  “Told you that Seb would split up with you.”

“You’re not meant to be here,” I say, although there seems little point in saying it as he is here now – stretched out next to me.

“You look awful,” he says, gazing at me with his huge yellow eyes.  “You’ve put on even more weight and…”

“Stop it,” I say, although I know he’s right.  Sighing, I stroke his soft head and he licks my arm – his tongue as rough as sandpaper.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2011.  By Sofie Kelly.  A Magical Cats mystery novel.


  1. L. Rorschach · April 17, 2016

    Animal control needs to come and get the panther. He’s horrible! Hugs. xxx

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  2. Tara · April 17, 2016


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