Mystery Walk*

On the way up to the cows, I look for the goldcrest in the little pine tree.  He’s not there.  

It’s a cold April afternoon.  The sun is trapped behind some clouds.  A pair of goldfinches swoop across the road: golden arrows.  

The panther stalks ahead of me: his tail waving in the air.  My whole physical and mental self protests against being out of the house and walking, but I know it will make me feel better.  The fresh air will clear my head and there’s a great tit, on the telegraph wire.  

A robin perches on the gate as we turn into the field where the cows live.  Or where they will live once they arrive: can see that they’re not here yet.

It’s not a wasted walk though: all around me are signs of Spring: daffodils; bluebells; blackbirds carrying twigs that will become their nests.

And on the way back I bump into my new German Shepherd puppy friend out for her walk.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster this morning.  Here’s today’s Spin outfit:

Happy Monday everyone!
*1983.  By Robert R. McCammon.  Horror novel.

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