The Holiday Murders*

“So, how are things?” My plastic surgeon says as we enter his consulting room.

“Well I think my chest has healed up, more or less,” I say.

“Let’s have a look then,” he says.  “Just slip your top things off…Oh yes, that’s much better.”

“Would it be possible to have a bit more fluid in the expander please?” I say.

“Yes, if you want,” he says.

“What size syringe?” The nurse asks him.

“Fifty,” he says.  “Lie on your back,” he says to me.

The enormous needle approaches, pierces my skin and then he pushes down on the plunger.  The saline enters the expander.

“All done,” he says.

“That looks weird now,” Mum says, staring at my chest.

“Thanks Mum,” I say.  “How helpful.”

“It needs to settle,” the plastic surgeon says.  “See you in about a month.”

“Thank you,” I say, smiling at him.   My chest feels stretched where the new fluid has entered the expander, but it will recover.

We’ve packed and we’re going Abroad tomorrow.  Here’s the fluffy monster in the garden yesterday before he set off for the cattery:

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2013.  By Robert Gott.  Detective novel.

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