Flight Of The Tarantula Hawk*

“Do you know what birds of prey there are in these parts?” I ask my cousin.  We’re sitting on the balcony.

“Well – there are Griffon vultures but not round here,” she says.

“What about hawks or…wait – that’s someone – hovering over there,” I say, noticing a raptor shape near us in the sky.  He beats his wings, fast.  He’s still.

“That’s a kestrel,” my cousin says.

Pulling his wings into his body, he plummets downwards.

“There, look, he’s found his lunch,” my cousin says.

“That was brilliant,” I say.

In other wildlife news:

1.  On the way home last night a tarantula scuttled across the drive.  She was very fluffy.

2.  There are lizards with electric green stripes on their faces who live in the street.  Saw some of them this morning.

Dad has achieved putting out the rubbish.  Mum is making supper.  Am writing this and thinking about having a shower.  Can hear someone banging away on a drum kit down the road.  The panther lies on the rug next to me, sleeping through the noise.

The above photo is my new dress by Odemai.  It doesn’t photograph that well – looks much better in real life.  The attached photo is my Adidas gym outfit which have been wearing today.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2014.  By Michael Allan Scott.  A Lance Underphal mystery.

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