Blood Eagle*

“Do you think we’ll see the pool where they breed the fire salamanders?” I ask Mum.  We’re at a nature reserve where they return captive-bred animals to the wild.

Turning a corner we come across this pond:

It’s the fire salamander pond but possibly they’re at their larval stage as we don’t see any.

We do see some wild goats:

And a herd of fallow deer:

“Wonder where the Griffon vultures live?” I say to my brother.

“Out in the wild, I should think,” he says, as we walk along the steep mountain path.

And then suddenly we see him, sitting on the roof of a building – a Griffon vulture:

As we turn the corner, we see his captive friends and relations inside the enclosure.  So he’s been released and they haven’t yet joined him in the wild.

There are a pair of white-tailed eagles in the next enclosure.  In their nest there is a fluffy grey chick.  The male talks to us as we walk past him:

“Look up,” Mum says.  There, above us, are three black kites, circling.

The attached photo is a jacaranda tree.  There are lots of them around here.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2005.  By Craig Russell.  Jan Fabel crime thriller novel.


  1. mukul chand · April 30, 2016

    great post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tara · April 30, 2016

    I’d like a jacaranda tree. Glad you’re having fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tim Newton · April 30, 2016

    As mentioned, a great post.
    Be interested to know how big that Griffon vulture is, it looks quite a large bird in your photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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