A Curtain Of Glass*

Walking down the main road in the sunshine, the panther strolling next to me, I stop.  I’ve been dreading coming back to the flat to vote at the polling station here.  Ever since Seb split up with me at the flat, have been avoiding it.

Now, suddenly, everything seems OK.  The horse chestnut tree has white flowers and new leaves; there’s pink and white blossom everywhere.  It’s Spring.  It’s May, the month of my birthday, my favourite month.

Am going to make it back to the flat, I realise.  Not today, but soon. For the last few weeks I’ve felt so desperately unhappy about Seb.  But just being near my flat, watching a blue-black starling and hearing his voice, reminds me that I have a life here and that somehow will return to it.

After all, I think, as I approach the polling station: am still alive, despite everything.  Will return to lifting weights; my Office; looking after myself.  Am starting the new drug and that will help.  Am determined to pull self together.

Achieve voting and am now back at the parentals.  Have been sitting in the garden with the fluffy monster whilst he sunbathes.  Just look at him:

And here is ‘Orange Beauty’ – the rhododendron that matches him:

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1954.  By Dail Ambler.  Detective novel.

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  1. Bridey · May 6, 2016

    It’s good that you are being positive.

    Liked by 1 person

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