Work Bitch*

On the bus on the way home from The Office.  The panther lies on the floor at my feet.  He doesn’t seem to mind being on the bus but it’s hot and stuffy here.

It’s raining and have forgotten an umbrella, raincoat, waterproof shoes and so on.  Let’s hope it stops before need to alight from bus.

Also: left Office a bit early.  On the plus side: am returning there tomorrow.  Need to get back into the routine of my working week.  Well, my working-two-days.  Am pleased with self for managing a day of Office anyway, after six months off.  Am exhausted!

The attached photo is some almond blossom near The Office.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2013. Britney Spears song.


  1. Sally Feldman · May 9, 2016

    Well done Cordelia for getting back to work. Shows great spriit and determination and also should help to annoy the panther. Love xxxxx

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