The Arsenic Labyrinth*

Walking back from the station to the parentals, the street is a riot of Spring colour:  pink almond blossom, orange tulips, red camellias.  Am wearing my orange gym top and tiny shorts (see attached photo) and am a bit cold: the weather has cooled down since yesterday.  Legs, arms and chest hurt after lifting weights three days running.

Looking up, suddenly I see them swooping and diving: the house martins.  They’re back!  Every year they fly to Africa in September and back to this house, in this street in April.  They return to nests like these: 

“It is not known where in Africa house martins winter, or how precisely they get there,” it says on the British Trust for Ornithology website, and that new technology hopes to solve this mystery.

It’s cold at the parentals and am huddled under my blanket on the sofa.  The panther sprawls on the floor next to me.

Mum is making vegetable curry (yay).  Have just given the fluffy monster his supper.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2007.  By Martin Edwards. Crime novel.

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