Swimming in Murder*

“So, I had to go down to Kent the other day,” the manager of the farm shop says.  “And on the way back, I stopped off at an asparagus farm and, as you can see, I bought all of it.”

“Let’s get a few bunches, darling,” Mum says, putting them in her basket.  “What a beautiful sight.”

You can see it in the above photo: English asparagus – the most gorgeous sight in the world.

Seem to be back at the parentals again.  Have achieved Spin, and some cuddles with the fluffy monster.  In fact, am sitting outside with him, happen to look up and there’s the sparrowhawk flying over with a small person in her talons: a mouse or vole I think.  So that’s exciting.

Am all set to spend the evening watching the swimming with my fluffy person and the panther, but it turns out that a couple of my human friends are coming to see us.  So am just scribbling this before they turn up.  Have already had a bath and washed hair this morning and could put some clothes on but will probably stay in my sleepwear because there’s only so much effort people can expect from the terminally ill.  Have already been dressed once today – for Spin – and can’t be bothered to go through all that again.

Here is my Assistance Cat taking some time out for himself:

He has still got his head – it’s on the far left of the photo.  Look how furry his paws are underneath…

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2015.  Episode 4.5 of Death In Paradise written by Ian Kershaw and created by Robert Thorogood.

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