Murder Must Advertise*

It’s a gorgeous sunny day and am trapped in The Office.  Cutting down my mood stabiliser means that didn’t sleep well last night.  And there’s no option but to Focus on my Important Work.

Will be allowed out for a walk in the sunshine at lunchtime, so that’s good.  

Here are some alliums in the parental garden:

The panther paces around The Office.  Think that he is impatient to get out too.  

Am lucky to have a job, I tell myself.  It’s good that am more-or-less well enough to work a couple of days per week.

Suzie is coming to see me this evening and that is good.  Maybe she can help me put a wash on.

Right, am going to put the kettle on and get back to Work.

The attached photo is yesterday’s Spin outfit.  At least my photos are working again…

Happy Monday everyone!
*1933.  By Dorothy L. Sayers.  Lord Peter Wimsey detective novel.

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