Deliver Us*

Am spending some quality time with a canine chum.  He is Lily’s canine nephew and haven’t seen him for months so it’s good to catch up with him.

We go for a walk across the fields: Lily, the pooch, Lily’s husband and toddler and me.  It’s hot and there are planes flying in to land at the aerodrome.  The wheat that we’re walking through is chest-high and the sun beats down.  We could be in a film: where one of the planes swoops down to spray us with something deadly.  Or maybe there’s a murderer hiding in the wheat.

“I ran through here this morning,” Lily says.  “On my own.”

“That must’ve been a bit disconcerting,” I say.  “Because you can’t see if there’s anyone hiding in the wheat and…”

“Yeah, it was weird,” she says.

“Maybe we’re all going to get murdered,” Lily’s husband says.

“We mustn’t,” I say.  “It will be traumatic for the pooch.  He’ll never get over it.”

We pass a bonfire.

“That’s where he burns the bodies,” Lily’s husband says.

I shiver.

Somehow we make it back without getting murdered.  It’s still hot and sunny.  Am writing this from a sun lounger outside.  The panther is gazing into the pond, looking for fish.  It’s good to be spending a bit of time with my friends.

Attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2015.  By Kathryn Casey.  True crime book about the infamous Texas killing fields.

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