The Face Of Deception*

1.  Go for walk with chum and canine chum in the woods.

2.  There are beautiful rhododendrons:

3.  Parentals drive me back to the flat.

4.  Manage three hours there before asking them to pick me up as am miserable.

5.  So am back at parental home now.  It is better than being on own when mood is so low.  The panther is curled up with me on the sofa under my furry blanket as it is cold.

6.  Have been cuddling the fluffy monster and removing grass seeds from his coat.

7. We have been watching Zoo Quest in Colour: amazing footage of David Attenborough in the wild in 1955 with anteaters, Komodo dragons, hoatzins and many other creatures.

8.  Mum is making me an artichoke.

9.  Tomorrow is Office and then Suzie is coming to see me at the flat so won’t be on own.

10.  The attached photo is one of Mum’s black irises.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1999.  By Iris Johansen.  Detective novel.

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