Daylight Robbery*

“We need some new squirrel-proof bird-feeders,” Mum says as we walk around the garden centre. “They just unscrew the top of that peanut feeder and put their hands in.”

The summer planting looks just beautiful.  The bedding plants are arranged in their colours.  Look:

“Look, there are purple petunias with spots,” I say, pointing to them.  They’re called Night Sky.

“I’ll come back and get them later in the week,” Mum says.  The panther prowls around behind us.  He likes it here.

We pick up several boxes of petunias and begonias, as well as the two new squirrel-proof feeders.  Show you:

One of the squirrels has just been up there and retired, defeated.  

“He’s already tried taking the top off,” Mum says when she sits next to me.

“He’s hungry,” I say.  “That was his supper.”

“Well the birds need their supper too,” Mum says, sipping her glass of wine.  We’re having a drink in the garden.  The weather is beautiful and warm and sunny at last.

“Oh, I saw a dead squirrel up at the cows,” I say.  “And a sparrowhawk flew past but she didn’t notice the squirrel.”

The expander port is very sore.  We’re thinking of bringing the exchange operation forward as am in a lot of pain.  Obviously am at the parentals and not at the flat as am Very Miserable.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.
Happy Sunday everyone!
*1992.  Classic BBC documentary about the habits of the grey squirrel.

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