Deadly Heat*

On my bus, the air-conditioning rumbles but am so grateful for it: had been dreading how hot the bus would be in this weather.  And it isn’t, so that’s good.

Have achieved both my days of work and am pleased with self.  It is a huge struggle just to get through each day at the moment in this period of medication withdrawal and heartbreak.

On the plus side:

1.  Suzie is coming to see me this evening.

2.  Maybe will sleep better tonight.  Hope so.  Have had a couple of bad nights and am exhausted now.

3.  Saw two goldfinches near The Office today.

4.  The fluffy monster came in to see me this morning and gave me a purry cuddle.  He has such a great purr.  And of course he is a Cuddle Champion.  You can see him in the attached photo.

5.  Tomorrow can lift some weights at the gym.

6.  There have been a couple of hot, sunny days.  Maybe this weather will continue.

7.  Am going out to dinner with a couple of friends tomorrow for the first time in a long time.  Am looking forward to it.

8.  The panther is draped across my feet to keep them warm.

9.  My hair looks nice.  OK, it doesn’t but at least it’s long again.  Heat and humidity are not friends of curly hair.

10.  It is nearly bedtime.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2013.  By Richard Castle.  Book 5 in the Nikki Heat mystery series.

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