The Goldfinch*

Sitting on the station platform, waiting for the train that will take me back to the parentals and the fluffy monster.  Have managed two nights at the flat, but that’s enough now.  The panther basks in the sunshine which hits his flanks and you can see the faint spots beneath his black fur.

Have achieved:

1.  Two visits to the gym to lift weights.

2.  My history course.

3.  Cooking The Omelette a couple of times.

4.  An evening out with a couple of chums.

5.  Refilling my bird feeders.  Have six goldfinches!  Saw them on Tuesday evening.  Think it’s parents and four fledglings.

But that’s enough now.  Time to return to the beautiful parental garden and the three Spin classes that I’ve booked for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And tomorrow have my Zolodex injection and my new Minx foil wraps on my toenails.  

Attached photo is yesterday’s gym outfit.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2013.  By Donna Tartt.  Literary fiction novel.

One comment

  1. samdfb1 · June 9, 2016

    Happy Thursday! What is the History class? Fun? Interesing? Essays? Do tell. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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