A Mind To Murder*

“Someone has eaten my new poppies,” Mum says when she wakes me up for Spin this morning.

“Who would’ve done that?” I say, sitting up in bed.

“The squirrels probably,” Mum says, looking cross.  “It’s War!”

“Ah,” I say, sipping my coffee.  “Because you’ve deprived them of the bird food that they depend on and…”

“Yes,” Mum says.  “So we’d better go back to the garden centre after Spin, I need three more perennials.”

Spin is tough today.  Am still recovering from my illness of the other day, but push myself as hard as possible and make it through.

We buy two salvias: a purple one and a red one, and a pink phlox.  Let’s hope that the squirrels won’t eat them.

Meet a chum for lunch in the village and pop in to the bookshop afterwards and pick up The Man In The Queue by Josephine Tey and A Mind To Murder by P.D. James.

Have been sleeping all afternoon and am scribbling this before settling down to watch the build-up to England v Russia at 7pm.  Or as soon as the parentals finish watching their Scandinavian thriller.  Not sure what they’re watching but it’s full of people with white-blond hair speaking in a Nordic language.

The fluffy monster has just sat on top of me for a purry cuddle.  Love that orange person: he’s so soft and affectionate.  

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.
Happy Saturday everyone!
*1963.  By P.D. James.  An Adam Dalgliesh mystery.

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