Last Bus To Woodstock*

On the bus returning from The Office.  A chap behind me is listening to the football on his phone, so the muffled commentary and the chanting of the crowd is affecting my focus on writing this.  Must concentrate harder.  The panther stretches out at the front of the bus and gazes out of the window.

It’s a warm sunny day today and achieve a long walk at lunchtime.  Can’t wait to return to my fluffy monster and cuddle him all over.  And then will have an early night: despite new drug had another Bad Night last night and am exhausted.

Attempt to book Spin for tomorrow but it’s full so will do some weights at my gym near the flat.  Let’s hope that it’s not pouring with rain tomorrow and can walk around in the wild in comfort.


1.  Sore throat.

2.  Headache.

3.  Lower back pain – from all last week’s Spin and cycling I suppose.

4.  Neck ache.

“I was watching the football so I missed the bus stop,” the chap behind me says to whoever has just called him.  Ah, there he goes: he’s alighted from the bus now.  The only sounds that remain are people chatting into their phones in various languages and the rumbling, huffing and puffing of the bus.

Looking forward to Croatia vs Spain later.  If am allowed to watch it at the parentals that is: forced Mum to sit through last night’s England match which was a dull 0 – 0 draw.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster last night.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1975.  By Colin Dexter.  The first Inspector Morse novel.


  1. Bridey · June 22, 2016

    I hope you had a better night’s sleep last night.

    Does the new drug need to build up a level within your system before it becomes fully effective?

    Liked by 1 person

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