The Crime Writer*

1.  Push self hard at Spin today.  New device helps: am aware the whole time of how hard am working and make sure to keep pushing.  The bosses are pleased with me I think and both demand to be in the photo, so you can see them at the top of this post.  Love my Spin studio.

2.  Sunshine and blue skies so manage to watch some tennis from Eastbourne.  Johanna Konta is playing very well: she won her match earlier and now she’s playing again…oh…she’s just been beaten.  

3.  Am enjoying The Crime Writer: the new Jill Dawson novel about Patricia Highsmith set in Suffolk.

4.  It is nearly suppertime.  Am sitting on the sofa with the panther, watching the news for some unknown reason.  

5.  Another Bad Night of sleeping last night and don’t manage to settle this afternoon.  Let’s hope can sleep tonight.

6.  Manage bath and even wash hair after Spin this morning so am winning the Personal Care race.

7.  Have found a fluffy monster resting on the hall sofa.  Look:

8.  The internet is not working very well so let’s hope can post this.

9.  It is possible that there will be some supper.

10.  Am enjoying a glass of Gavi.

11.  Have some 4G so going to post this now.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2016.  By Jill Dawson.  Crime fiction novel.

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