Breakfast At Wimbledon*

1.  Am at the parental home.

2.  It’s raining and there’s a strong smell of damp in my bedroom.  Open the window and a huge fluffy person squeezes through it so have to put him outside again and close the window.  

3.  We are watching Wimbledon: Johanna Konta is taking on Eugenie Bouchard.

5.  Achieve lifting weights at gym this morning – see attached photo for outfit.  Manage 140kg on the leg press.

6.  Get some sleep last night, again.  So that’s three nights in a row.  Fingers crossed that can keep building on this.

7.  The panther lies on the sofa next to me.  

8.  Mum is doing The Times crossword.

9.  Life is cruel but at least there’s a roof on Centre Court now.

10.  Have cuddled my fluffy monster already and will cuddle him again soon when he comes in for his supper.

11.  Have done all the work-and-studying bit of my week and now just need to rest and Spin for the next three days.  This is a great achievement!

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1991.  By Jack M. Bickman.  Crime novel.


  1. Bipolarbrainiac · June 30, 2016

    I just figured out you are in UK or Europe. I’m in Florida. What is the Panther? Code for your cat? Often have insomnia? I know a mag that is looking for new writers with bipolar. I have written for them a year and a half now. Once a month. I was wondering if you have insomnia often? Sports injuries have ruined my tennis! Still love it though. Will you do me a hug fav and click on my link to the story for bipolar hope about bipolar w/overlap of adhd, always left me alone, leaving me behind the others. Now, I know. Do you know? When you say “The Times,” what “Times?” I read the New York Times but am a day behind with all this writing.

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  2. Bridey · July 1, 2016

    It is good that you are starting to get some sleep.

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