Bye-Bye Baby*

“He’s like a caffeinated Jack Russell,” the commentator says, referring to Millman, Andy Murray’s opponent.  Andy is two sets up, and 2 – 0 in the third set.  But the natural order of things has been shaken at Wimbledon today: Novak Djokovic – the defending champion and World Number One and current holder of all four grand slams – has just gone out to the American Sam Querrey in the third round.
4 – 0 to Andy now in this third set. He still has to win this match and all his other matches up to, and including the final, of course.  Novak’s defeat has certainly opened up the draw though.  It just seems so unlikely.  Look:

“So, how are you?” Dr Stein says when I see him this morning.

“Well, um, I’ve managed a couple of nights of sleep,” I say.  The panther is lying on the floor next to my chair.

“That’s good,” he says, scribbling in my notes.

“And I made it to work on Monday and Tuesday,” I say.

“Good,” he says, smiling at me

“The internet in my flat’s broken,” I say.  “So I went across the garden on Monday and Tuesday evenings to ask my neighbours if I could use their wifi, and I chatted to them, because I had to – but that’s a good sign, isn’t it – talking to people?”

“Yes, of course,” he says.  “You seem a bit brighter than you did a couple of weeks ago.”

“Mum thinks I seem a bit better,” I say.  “I made it to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday to lift weights – and I burst into tears all over my trainer, but I’ve done everything I was meant to do this week and…”

“I think the lurasidone may well be starting to do something,” he says.  “The therapeutic dose is usually seventy or so milligrams, so let’s go up to thirty four and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

“Thank you,” I say.

Andy has just won in straight sets. Come on Andy!

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.  Manage to get told off at Spin for pushing myself too hard!

The fluffy monster has just come in for his supper.  Phew!  The parentals are out so am glad that have caught the monster in before darkness falls.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1992.  By David Delman.  Tennis crime novel.

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