Deadly Doubles*

Back at the flat.  My artichoke is cooking.  Naomi and Liam Brody are playing a mixed doubles match at Wimbledon.  Am in the nest with the panther, listening to the thud of the ball on the rackets and the ticking of the egg timer.

Push self hard at Spin today but photos won’t attach so can’t show you my outfit.  Also achieve weights at my gym here and had planned to write this blog on the gym wifi as need new router at the flat.  Don’t manage to write blog at gym after lifting weights, due to refusal-of-photos-to-attach, but am still glad that made it to gym this afternoon and have now lifted weights three times this week.

Need to make The Omelette before the build-up to France vs Iceland later.  Am hoping for a good match, but not for extra time or penalties as have The Office tomorrow.

Ahhhhhh the scent of boiling artichoke.  Beautiful.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1988.  By Carolyn Keene.  A Nancy Drew novel with a tennis theme.

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