Missing Lynx*

1.  Make it to the gym to lift some weights this morning (see attached photo).

2.  Here is Mr Fluffypants watching the tennis yesterday:

3.  Back at the parental home now and we are watching Venus and Serena playing doubles.  The panther lies next to me on the sofa, dozing.

4.  Have seen and cuddled the fluffy monster in the garden.

5.  It is nearly suppertime.  Hungry.

6.  It’s been another warm, sunny day.

7.  Have already achieved shower at the gym and have clean hair.

8.  Am excited about the France vs Germany match later.

9.  Fingers crossed that the escaped lynx on Dartmoor will be caught soon, unharmed. 

10.  Looking forward to Spin tomorrow.

11.  The fluffy monster has just come in for his supper.  Here he is:

Happy Friday everyone!
*2015.  By Fiona Quinn.  Book 2 in the Lynx series of mystery novels.

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