Twelve Drummers Drumming*

In Belgrade, Kyle Edmund is 3 – 2 up in the first set against Dusan Lajovic.  Am watching it in the nest with the panther.  It’s a sunny day and have just been to the supermarket.  

A wood pigeon lands on the feeder: standing on the pine cone which was covered in fat but has now been picked clean.  He pushes his beak into the spaces, searching for any bits of food that remain.

Kyle has just broken: 4 – 2.  “Game points for a five – two lead, first set,” John Inverdale says.  Kyle gets it: 5 – 2 and then closes out the first set 6 – 3.

Have been to the gym to lift some weights this morning – see attached photo – and have just put a wash on.  Will have to hang the washing up on the airer later but am not going to worry about that yet.

“It’s such a bonus to have a serve like that that can win you free points,” the commentator says as Kyle wins his service game: 1 – 1 in the second set.  The Stirling University Barmy Army blow horns, bang drums and cheer.  

The wren of anxiety flies around the room, into my mouth, down my throat and flutters around inside my stomach.  There’s nothing I can do but sit here, trying to focus on the tennis.  Am going to have supper and then an early night.  Let’s put the kettle on for my artichoke…

My artichoke bubbles away on the hob.  Kyle gets a second break point in the game at 2 – 2 and there’s some confusion due to a dodgy call.  Lajovic manages to hold serve: 3 – 2.  The Serbian percussionists celebrate: there are a large number of drummers in the stadium, banging away.

The panther is stretched out alongside me.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, I sip my water.  It’s hot and mustn’t get dehydrated.  

Kyle saves a break point.  3 – 3 and then breaks: 4 – 3.  

Right: had better make some supper to have with my artichoke. Chopping some vegetables will calm the wren of anxiety, I hope.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2011.  By C.C. Benison.  Detective novel.  Book 1 in the Father Christmas mystery series.

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