Murder On A Summer’s Day*

It’s a hot day again – apparently it’s going to get up to 29 degrees later – and am wearing this excellent outfit to look after Mr Fluffypants:

It is, of course, sleepwear.  

We went for a walk at nine o’clock this morning, before the pavements became too hot for his paws, and now we’re collapsed in front of Luther:

The fan whirrs as it oscillates, cooling down the room.  The blinds are down.  Have given the fluffy person some more water and he is resting:

Had a Bad Night of sleeping last night – trouble falling asleep, waking up several times – and am exhausted.  All I have to do today though is cuddle Mr Fluffypants, talk to him and administer to his needs.  We are having some lovely embraces.  He is such a calming presence.

The panther lies in front of the television, on the other side of the room.  He’s wary of Mr Fluffypants – I think all the panting disturbs him.

The attached photo is, of course, Mr Fluffypants.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2013.  By Frances Brody.  Book 5 in the Kate Shackleton mystery series.

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